Roving Vehicle Patrol

A&D Security offers a wide variety of security services for your business, home, multi family housing locations. A&D Security is a full service agency. We also offer security planning, site security evaluations and strategic security  planning.


Preventative roving vehicle patrol services are a proactive security measure to deter theft, vandalism, and other crimes.

Mobile patrol services are a cost-effective solution that enables hired security guards to check in on your business, home or commercial property at random times throughout the day and night.

A&D Security will work with you on-site to develop customized inspection schedule and patrol routes. Your best patrol timeframe and frequency for your property checks will be based on your needs. All security patrol services are performed by highly trained, licensed patrol officers operating A&D Security patrol vehicles.

Roving Vehicle Patrol Inspection Services can include:

Door checks (interior & exterior)
Perimeter Checks
Facility Opening & Closing
Gates and Employee Access Areas
Lighting Assessments
Parking Lot Assessments
Safety Hazard Identification
Lone Worker Checks
Loading Dock Checks
Fleet Vehicle Checks

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